“Who Else Wants To Be a Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant and Fly with Your Dream Airline?”

by CabinCrew Msia

– If You Have A Dream , Go Get it ! –


Are you one of them who dare dream to be a cabin crew or flight attendant? Do you want to work with a major airline company in Malaysia?

Or simply want to travel around the world?

Securing a cabin crew interview with major airlines can be challenging enough, let alone passing the interview for a flight attendant job and being hired. An average of 80% of applicants are rejected yearly. Among main reasons are lack of training, personal grooming and language proficiency. Many have attended interview for more than once and yet still get rejected.


Avoid attending cabin crew interviews and get rejected!

– The last thing you want to be is unprepared and loose the war before you enter the battlefield.


Cabincrewmalaysia.com recommends professional training academy that facilitates cabin crew interview for flight attendant jobs!

 Monthly cabin crew interviews available

Avoid paying for expensive preparatory course fees but yet fails to secure a flight attendant job! 

Cabincrewmalaysia.com recommends a rare academy that provides an affordable and full-fledged training course and flight attendant jobs placement.

• Posting for cabin crew or flight attendant jobs will be arranged.

• You will not be trained as interviewee only to prepare for the cabin crew interview; you will be treated as though you have passed the interview and trained as a cabin crew or flight attendant. 

• Airline standard i.e. ICAO and DCA approved syllabus are applied in the training.

• Training includes safety regulatory courses that will help you pass the license examination.

• Certified, highly motivated and successful method is used to polish your proficiency in English in the aviation industry. 


Cabin crew course
Your course focuses not only on the safety regulatory skills, but also on the communication skills essential for the airline industry. Careful and stringent selection process is conducted to ensure that only top quality Cabin Crews or Flight Attendants are provided to partner airlines.

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Be on a preferred list by airline companies! 


Enrol in this course, get prepared and motivated with top notch training, and join the ranks of preferred candidates for hiring! Interview with airlines is guaranteed.

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cabin crew training academy


Be assured of your success to become part of the most prestigious career in the aviation world.
Get on board and “Dare to Dream”.

Take action today and stand a chance to live your DREAM as a CABIN CREW!

Cabin crew course - grooming class

Grooming class

Why are the trainees confident with Cabincrewmalaysia.com?

Countless cabin crews are hired as talent from this academy since first training batch.

Reason no. 1 – Close to 100% acceptance rate, which means all of the graduates gets immediate position as cabin crew or flight attendant. ONLY applicants whom trainers are 100% confident of training and securing a job for, are accepted.

Reason no. 2 – Long-established reputation with major national airlines and have been a major provider of talents.

“We believe in quality training through mock training and simulation for flight attendant jobs. We want 100% acceptance or job posting for our students” – Cabincrewmalaysia.com



You will receive a call from the academy and support, until you get the following:-

1) Complete confidence as a cabin crew or flight attendant before you attend your interview

2) Real experience as a cabin crew or flight attendant before you are even one!

3) A position as cabin crew or flight attendant in a major airline company. 


LIVE our dreams. Secure your cabin crew interview now! 


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