5 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Airlines

Economy Class Cabin by Hyougushi via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC BY-SA

1) Planes are struck by lightning all the time.

Don’t freak out though, but yes, planes are struck by lightning all the time! Planes are designed to take lightning strikes with in-built lightning protection systems. In the sky, thunderstorms are inevitable. Hence, relax and there is no reason to stop traveling by air because of this.

2) Pilots and Co-Pilots don’t eat the same meal

Based on an interview with a top pilot, pilots usually eat first class meal and co-pilots get the business class meal. This is neither a rule nor just merely ranking privilege. Airlines and pilots embrace this practice to prevent both getting food poisoning at the same flight.


3) You can open a locked lavatory door from the outside

Yes, it’s true! At least for this aircraft in the video. The reason for this “secret” hatch from the outside to unlock, is probably for emergency, like a locked child inside or a fainted passenger. Therefore, with knowledge comes responsibility. Don’t go around unlocking the occupied lavatory!

4) HR

No, not human resources. We are taking about deceased bodies who died in places not wished to be buried, and to be escorted or transported. Yes, in airline radios, they call it the Human Remains. You may be thinking or expecting that these body caskets are transported on different types of flight. Nope. Most commercial air-crafts have operated as flying hearses. Transportation of human remains is so common that airlines have rules and regulations for it.

5) Lifting and carrying bags for passengers are not part of the duty of cabin crews

It is a favor, not a duty of a cabin crew to lift and carry a passenger’s bag into the overhead compartment. This passenger has shown how ignorant we all can be, in this facebook post. The cabin crew refused to carry the luggage bag for a passenger because of a backache. The passenger was unhappy, took a photo of the cabin crew and even rant about it in social media.

Notice how some people suddenly loose their arm strength only when they are on board, after being able to drag their 10kg luggage all the way? Cabin crews are there to assist, provided they are being asked of for a favor, politely.

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