Cabin Crew – Career in the air, a Dream for many girls

Sarina Volamkaded Etihad Airways

Hello, my name is Sarina Volamkaded (Nana). I am a 23 years old mixed of Thai, England and Pakistan. Currently I am studying in Airline Business Management at Bangkok University. Service is my passion that’s why I chose to study in this field. Being a cabin crew or flight attendant is my dream since I was young because it combined travel and service in this position. Finally, I got the chance to be a trainee at Etihad Airways.

Working as a passenger service agent with one of the world’s biggest airlines for 3 months, I have learnt many experiences. My main responsibility is to deal with VIP passenger both inbound and outbound. This job is very challenging. Every day, I learn how to treat people from different background, how to solve unexpected problems and how to satisfy passenger with the best solution etc.

Sarina Volamkaded Etihad Airways

On the other hand, I made many new friends. I was very impressed and happy for that 3 months.

The internship came to an end, and I started to find more opportunities to make my dream come true. I have followed CabinCrewMalaysia Facebook page because I would like to learn the ways and life of flight attendants based in Malaysia, regardless of which airline.

I have the ability in languages. I can speak 4 languages which are Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and English. I possess communication and interpersonal skill. During my internship period, my manager always said that I am very easy to smile and very friendly.

On part time basis, I am also a freelance model.

Someone said flight attendant is just servant in the air BUT WITHOUT THEM, how you can survive in the air !!!!!!  Haha.

Written by Sarina Volamkaded


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