by CabinCrew Msia


Minimum Requirements:

1) Age 18-28 years old (as of date of application)

2) Minimum height (Male: 165cm, Female: 157cm)

3) Obtain Credit (grade C and better) for English and Bahasa Melayu in SPM or its equivalent qualification recognised by Malaysian government (ex: GCE O-Level)


The requirements above are  MINIMUM for application.  If you apply for a job directly with airlines like MAS and AirAsia, the requirements are much more and demanding, and likely you face competition from many eligible applicants.

If you qualify the above, fill in the form on the right. Then, send your resume & photo to cabincrewmsia@gmail.com and you are 50% closer to your dreams.


Make the competition irrelevant!

You stand the highest chance to be hired as a cabin crew or flight attendant after graduating from this academy.

We want you to live your dream… 

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