Cabin Crew Professional Course

Our comprehensive program aims at moulding you into a Cabin Crew material even prior to joining any official airline training.

The topics covered will also enhance your overall professional image and interview skills, hence making your success rate higher when you attend any interview, and not just airline interviews.

The modules covered:

  • Knowledge of in-flight responsibilities
  • Character-building exercises
  • Communication skills
  • Professional grooming and deportment tips
  • Basic F&B and dining etiquette knowledge
  • Skills on dealing with passengers on board
  • Airline terminology and geographic knowledge
  • Public speaking skills and group discussion opportunities
  • Basic first-aid and safety knowledge
  • Interview procedure and selection criteria know-how
  • Preparation of resume and cover letter
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Airline employment research


Some of the transformations that have happened to real students 

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Graduating from a course will surely help in your personal development as well as your chances of getting an airline job or any other job.

However, if you are not ready to pay to attend a course, you may also learn from home about commonly asked interview questions. Get yourself prepared before going to any interview as there are many applications.