Top Reasons Why Applicants Fail at Cabin Crew Interview and How You Can Do Better

In most colleges, one of the departments with the most populous students is the college of tourism. Many students dream of being a stewardess and cabin crews in a prestigious airline and/or just want to travel around the world. But there are reasons why most applicants fail at a cabin crew interview for a flight attendant job. There are instances that make them fail even just a simple flight attendant or cabin crew interview. Applicants should have confidence in facing different individuals during an interview.

1) Lack of training

Trainings for flight attendant jobs should be attended by an applicant. An applicant should gain knowledge through seminars and trainings. Many applicants were turned down most of the time by airlines for the reason that they do not have the specific characteristics for flight attendant jobs. It is critical to know that one of the top reasons applicants for flight attendant jobs failed at cabin crew interview is due to lack of training.


2) Personal grooming and behaviour

Another reason for failure is an applicant’s personal grooming. Most interviewers look at the appearance of applicants. Besides that, interviewers assess their answers as well. How applicants handle themselves when answering at the cabin crew interview matters. Interviewers observe the readiness and calmness of the applicants. Therefore, personal grooming is basic requirement that determines how well prepared are you.


3) Language proficiency

Language proficiency is very important in order to get hired in an airline company,  as communication is keystone ability in a cabin crew or flight attendant. Due to the fact that cabin crew or flight attendants are serving individuals around the world as well as in different places, it is a must to know the basic of the local languages that can be understood by passengers.
Rejection is hard to take, but with the help of proper trainings, personal grooming seminars and language proficiency, oral and written exams, you can get hired and become a cabin crew or flight attendant.