What You Need to Know Before Your Cabin Crew Interview

by Cabincrew Msia

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Originally posted by Nitin kumar on Westmont.edu group

There is lots you can do to prepare for your cabin crew interview, and preparation is great. However, sometimes what matters most is the important issues that are rarely discussed. How we handle the interview may be equally as important as (or higher important than) your answers.

Showing up to your cabin crew interview worried or nervous perform against you.

You are trying to get a job that will need that you be cool under stress. Most people have seen the pandemonium you do during the boarding and disembarking. It is a stressful time, particularly for the passengers and sign ups in the cabin crew.

Having the capacity to handle stress under such normal situations is going to be expected, as well as being able to handle stress under much more dire circumstances. Entering a meeting can be stressful for anybody, but showing warning signs of obvious nerves could work against you.


Open and friendly individuals are needed on every airline.

People who have ample patience, regardless if being challenged, can also be necessary. How may you present all of these qualities in the interview? Even if you be able to give a lot of right answers through the cabin crew interview, landing the correct answers inside a voice that’s barely audible or filled up with self doubt will not indicate that you are open, friendly, strong under fire, or confident.

It is sometimes important to ask friends and family or family for feedback before your interview. We sometimes develop expressions or vocal tones which can be easily misinterpreted. Simply asking regarding experiences contacting you’ll be able to give you a little insight.

You need to look, sound, and portray the part while still retaining your own personal personality and being your individual person. This means that you have many strengths that will cause you to be an incredible candidate.


You should tell the panel about those strengths, specially those that fall under the customer service realm.

Your cabin crew interview may have a written exam, a multiple choice questionnaire, or require that you simply deliver a dental presentation. Visual cues for almost any presentation are very helpful. You can expect to learn before hand if you’re to provide a verbal presentation.

Invest time to find some good reputable information for that specific airline.

The last point you will want to consider would be that the more familiar you’re using the airline plus the candidate selection process the higher you are going to do during your cabin crew interview.


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