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To all cabin crews out there, is an online publication, first in Malaysia dedicated to readers like you and cabin crews in the world to share your stories. It has helped many cabin crew applicants since 2013, but there is only few blogs or websites which help existing cabin crews to feature their profile, share their stories, or even rant! Here, cabin crews can see different experiences of working with different airline. We know that every airlines are very different.

Cabin Crews, let your voices be heard!

If you have blogged about your flying experience as a cabin crew before, we may want to feature your story on We have over 5000 loyal readers, thousands of views every month and receive over 200 cabin crew applications every month. In exchange for your story, you can expose and boost your career profile with us!

We accepts anonymity, which means we can publish your post (or even rant :-D) without revealing who you are. However we will still need to know that you are a cabin crew (or ex cabin crew), to ensure credibility of our content.

I have never blogged. I am terrible at writing!

If you have never blogged, but will like to share your experience, or express your views and thoughts, you can still do so! Our editor will help you. So, just send a message (PM) to our Facebook page!

Don’t be shy lah. English or Bahasa Melayu is encouraged!

Generally, we accept 2 types of post.

Your narratives. Stories, rants, thoughts, expressions etc. 
A Glimpse into the first 10-weeks Training as Cabin Crew

Or write a Point Base article like this.
The Reality of Being a Cabin Crew – Are You Prepared?

We accept contents like photos and videos, so just send a message (PM) to our Facebook page.


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